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Ultrafast Pulsed Lasers Source

GZTECH ultrafast pulsed fiber laser sources with optional acousto-optic frequency reduction and amplification power, suitable for solid-state amplifier seed sources and ultrafast marking applications.

Ultrafast pulsed laser source series introduction

Ultrafast pulsed laser source

· Product features: 1064.3nm, 6ps pulse width, large pulse energy, single-mode polarization-maintaining output

· Main applications: solid-state laser amplification seed source, fiber laser amplification seed source


Ultrafast pulsed laser source Series Advantages

1.Cutting and drilling of Glass, sapphire, ceramics
2.Thin film ablation

Application show

Ultrafast lasers have unique application advantages and prospects in glass processing. Ultrafast laser can be used for cutting, marking, drilling and other applications in glass processing The interaction time between ultrafast laser micromachining and material is very short, the thermal influence is very small, no recast layer is produced, and it belongs to cold processing, so the machining accuracy is high. Many negative effects of thermal effects in traditional machining are greatly reduced and eliminated.

Ultrafast Pulsed Laser Source Series Products


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