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Wuhan Guangzhi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as GZTECH for short) was founded on May 31st, 2018. GZTECH’s market strategy is to become a leading supplier of advanced industrial laser products for precision manufacturing.

We have a first-class research and development team which consists of optics, electronics, software, and mechanics engineers. It can provide fiber laser products operating on 1064nm, 1550nm 1940nm, and 355nm wavelength ranges, and green laser based on extra-cavity second-harmonic generation technology.

The company has more than 5000 square meters clean workshop for laser production and all set of specialty fiber processing and laser measurement equipment. We have gotten the High-Tech enterprise certificate of China in 2020 and has around 34 patents and software copyrights on fiber laser technologies. 

Our laser products are widely used in 3C, 5G, photovoltaic, power battery, and semi-conductor industries. It has full series of nanosecond MOPA lasers covering a 20W to 500W power range, 5W-30W solid-state ultra-violet laser,single-mode air-cooled CW laser, and customized ultra-fast and green laser.

Our clients include leading companies in the laser equipment market such as Han's Laser, HGTECH, UW laser, Hymson, etc, and we also have good cooperation relations with universities and institutions such as Tsinghua University, Shandong Univerisity, Shenzhen University, and SIOM, etc.

Executive team


Doctor Huang


· Ph.D of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University

· Project experience: many projects such as National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Fund, China Academy of Engineering Physics, and national high-tech projects.

the theoretical design and technical research of 10kW fiber lasers

the integration of engineering products for 2kW single-mode narrow-linewidth fiber lasers

· Research Direction: Since 2008, he has been engaged in fiber laser technology research for a long time, including fiber laser dynamics and nonlinear transmission theory, high peak power pulsed fiber laser technology, pulsed nonlinear frequency doubling technology, high average power continuous wave fiber laser technology, fiber laser engineering technology.

· Academic Achievements: published 21 SCI papers, 5 EI papers, and authorized more than 10 national invention patents.


Vice president of Reach

Director Li

Vice president of R&D

· Master of China Academy of Engineering Physics

· Bachelor of Northwestern Polytechnical University

· Engineer of of China Academy of Engineering Physics

· Ultrafast Fiber/Supercontinuum White Light Lasers

· R&D/Engineering


Vice president of Marketing

Director Zhu

Vice president of Marketing

· Bachelor of Yangtze University

· Sales of Industrial laser

· MOPA laser R&D

· Process/Marketing/Technical Support/Sales

Company Culture



Sense of worth


Promote laser to be a fundamental tool for smart manufacturing


Leading supplier of advanced laser for precision manufacturing

Sense of worth

Customer first, quality first, innovation and professionalism; Team victory, collaboration and contribution

Service Network





Wuhan R&D headquarter has 50+ R&D personnels and continue to provide customers with newer and better product solutions.

Shenzhen sales center has 20+ employees and is committed to providing high-quality overall laser solutions for high-end customers in the Greater Bay Area

Suzhou sales center has 15+ employees, providing better laser products for the vibrant Yangtze River Delta Economic Belt

Shandong province is the largest laser industry area in China, Jinan Sales Center hopes to conduct more in-depth and extensive cooperation with the majority of laser equipment manufacturers to jointly promote China's laser industry to the next peak

Certificate Display

Our Abilities

Manufacturing advantages

The existing dust-free workshop in Wuhan headquarters is about 5,000 square meters, which can meet the mass production and delivery of large quantities of advanced laser sources.

· Workshop Exhibition
· Certificates Exhibition
200w CE
200W CE
FDA uv ce

Quality Assurance

Quality control

We have a full range of Fujikura fiber fusionsplicer,fiber cutter,Sprricon beam quality analyzer, Ophir powermeter,Yokogawa 6370D optical spectrum analyzer.We have 10 QC personnel who monitor product quality at all times, find problems, and give feedback to superiors as soon as possible to ensure that each laser leaves the factory with the best performance

Perfect service system

GZTECH Lasers Maintenance Center is being led by a technical team that focuses on fiber lasers maintenance and all members have rich experience for R&D of fiber lasers. The center equipped with State-of-the-art laser inspection and maintenance equipments offers the professional repair services for our customers. we have maturely ready-made solution for all laser problems. The center provides free testing and gives the reasonable quotation based on the laser problems.


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