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Abnormal sound of laser?


1. Make sure it is the abnormal sound of the laser fan, not the abnormal sound of other equipment;

2. Check whether there is any other matter in the back cover of the laser;

3. Check whether there is abnormal sound of the laser caused by installation;


The fan does not rotate after the laser is powered on?


1. Check whether the power connection is normal;

2. Replace the power supply;


Laser parameters are not adjustable?


1. Check whether the control software is GUI software;

2. Check the control mode setting and select the corresponding internal control or external control mode.

3. Check whether the control line connection is normal.


Output laser light is weak cannot work on the material?


1. Make sure if the parameters used for the test are reasonable;

2. Check whether the optical path system is blocked, if yes, please correct the optical path;

3. Check whether the lens components in the optical system are dirty or damaged. If yes, please wipe or replace them;

4. Confirm the focal length correctness and the thermal phenomenon effect of the field lens. If there is no abnormality, recommended to test the power of the laser output head.


The effect of deep engraving or welding is unstable?


1. If installed lifting Z-axis, check the accuracy of each movement of it and whether it is in focus;

2. Check whether the lens (galvanometer, field lens, beam expander) is dirty;

3. If using a high-power laser, please ensure that the lens material can withstand the high-power laser. It is recommended to choose a galvanometer and field lens made of quartz.


Low laser power?


1. Please check whether the laser parameters are set normally;

2. Please check whether the power to the laser meets the requirements

3. Check whether the laser output head is polluted; the optical path is blocked

4. Use the "GUI" software to control the laser light output and test the power;


Laser control only emits red light?


1. First use the RS232 cable to correctly connect the laser to the computer, and then use the internal control mode of our GUI software to control the laser to check the light output;

2. If the laser still cannot emit light, please contact our after-sales staff, and with the assistance of our staff, use the CRT to read the relevant information to check whether the self-locking is caused by too many alarms. If the laser is self-locking, Please unlock it to see if it can be recovered (JCZ software usually prompts a "system failure" alarm);

3. If unlocked still cannot recovered, it is recommended to return the machine to our company.


The laser does not emit light?


1. Please make sure that the laser fan is normal and the optical path is not obstructed;

2. Please check whether the control mode and control cable are correct (mode selection & control cable in good connection), select the "Fiber" type according to the control card;

3. Please connect to the "GUI" software to control the laser to emit light. If it does not emit light, an alarm message will be displayed, please contact our after-sales staffs.


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