Laser technology has many applications in the production of photovoltaic products, such as laser scribing of thin-film cells, film opening, doping, laser cutting, laser drilling, and laser edge cutting of crystalline silicon cells. With its precise patterned local processing and fast cutting capabilities, laser processing has become an important way to improve the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic products.

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GZTECH adopts laser high-precision cleaning to meet the needs of fast charging and capacity expansion of batteries. GZTECH cleaning laser is compatible with multi-layer process parameter settings, power, frequency, and pulse width can be switched in real-time has flexible cleaning characteristics for different battery sizes, material, compaction, slot size, and other parameters, and there is no mechanical damage, which can control the cleaning tank position with high precision and maintain the consistency of cleaning.


Based on the analysis of the different substrate materials of positive and negative electrodes, the combination of different processes in the coating process, and the timing of laser cleaning, GZTECH perfectly realizes the cleaning of positive and negative pole pieces.





















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