Customized service

Custom Range

The company provides customized services such as single-frequency pulse, 266nm, picosecond frequency-locked lasers for scientific research institutions such as Tsinghua University and Shandong University

(including optical design, structural design, circuit and software customization)

Our Advantages

Custom design

We can offer optical design, structural design, circuit and software customization

Industry experience

Our teams have presided and participated in a number of projects such as the National Natural Science Youth Fund, the major special projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the National High Technology. Completed the theoretical design and technical research of 10kW fiber lasers, and integrated 2kW single-mode narrow line width fiber lasers.

Powerful technical research and development

Our team has more than ten years of experience in laser technology research and development, and has profound theoretical analysis, technology research and development and engineering experience. There are more than 160 employees, 1/3 of the R&D team, and more than 50 patents and software titles.

Reasonable price positioning

We always provide customers with better and more cost-effective customized design solutions

Customer Case

          Electric Core Welding

             Pole Cleaning 

        Injection Hole Cleaning

             Laser engraving

Electric Core Welding

It is my pleasure to cooperate with GZTECH. We have been working closely with this advanced fiber laser application company. They have a strong engineering team that can understand the real needs of customers and efficiently develop high-performance lasers. It greatly meets our needs for electric core welding and provides professional laser processing solutions for our automotive industry.


Pole Cleaning 

Remove the oxide film before welding, and remove the soot after welding.


Injection Hole Cleaning


Liquid injection hole before welding residual electrolyte and other impurities cleaning.
Cover plate cleaning: oxidation film removal before welding.


Laser Engraving

New energy battery electrode cleaning is a new process to adapt to the new application requirements. Using laser to remove the surface coating of the battery electrode to form the electrode ear, compared with the existing laser electrode ear cutting method, can greatly improve the space utilization rate of the battery, so that it has a higher energy density; On the other hand, the laser cleaning coating method can be used in the previous process of continuous uniform coating, compared with the gap coating method of opposite density control instability, this way can improve the uniformity of the pole and the stability of the device, further improve the battery charging and discharging performance.


What is the peak power?

It can reach 150kW.


How can I be certain that my idea remains confidential?

As a cornerstone value of our company, every conversation you have with us is guaranteed confidential. We understand that you may be interested in signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with us prior to consulting about your project for peace of mind.


Do I need to already have drawings, design files, or patent information to start a project?

The only things you need to start a project are an idea and a free consultation appointment! Previous work and project resources (including doodles and napkin sketches) may help us get a better understanding of your product but are not necessary to start a project.


I have no experience on import.

We have professional trade team, offer door to door service, contact us via website or email to start. 


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