Laser cleaning

Laser cleaning is considered to be a disruptive industrial cleaning technology because of its environmental friendliness, efficiency, precision, and ease of automation.

Laser cleaning has the characteristics of no grinding, non-contact, and no thermal effect, and suitable for all kinds of objects. It is considered to be a reliable and effective solution. Laser cleaning is a "green" cleaning method, which does not need to use any chemical agent or cleaning solution. The waste after cleaning is basically solid powder, small in volume, easy to store, and recyclable, which can easily solve the environmental pollution problem caused by chemical cleaning. Laser is non-contact cleaning for workpieces, which is very safe for precision workpieces or their fine parts, and can ensure their accuracy. Therefore, laser cleaning has unique advantages in the cleaning industry.

Industry Application



Laser cleaning can replace traditional cleaning methods such as manual mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning, sandblasting, ultrasonic cleaning, and dry ice cleaning.

Laser cleaning has many advantages over traditional cleaning methods.

Non-contact cleaning & No cleaning media

Green and environmental

Diversified operation modes

Wide applicability

Low operating costs



















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