The Exploration and Practice of Advanced Nanosecond Laser Marking in Inkjet Marking Industry

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On March 3, 2024, the 11th China inkjet sign industry dealer Tour exchange meeting hosted by Chinese inkjet network was held in Guangzhou Hotel. Wuhan Guangzhi Technology Co., Ltd. As an advanced laser supplier in the inkjet industry, we were invited to attend the industry exchange meeting with our latest research and development achievements.

At this gathering of industry elites and focusing on cutting-edge technologies, Mr. Huang Yi, the enterprise representative of GZTECH, delivered a wonderful speech with the theme of "Exploration and practice of advanced nanosecond laser marking in the inkjet industry". From the three aspects of demand background, product introduction and industry application, with a professional perspective, the exploration and practice of advanced nanosecond laser marking in the inkjet industry were introduced to the on-site guests.

Inkjet coding is widely used, covering food, beverage, medicine, chemical industry, household appliances, warehousing logistics, book publishing and so on. These industries generally belong to FMCG and daily necessities industries, which are less affected by the economic cycle. The large applications brought by a wide range of industries have put forward extremely high requirements for the performance of the laser used in the inkjet coding industry. GZTECH has identified the pain points of the inkjet coding industry, continuously optimized and improved the product in terms of rapid response and stability, and finally formed a special advanced light source suitable for the inkjet coding industry.

Advanced light source for inkjet industry

High Speed Response

Switching optical response<3μs

In the high-speed flight marking, the response time can best reflect the marking ability of a laser, if the system response time is too long, it will lead to the loss of the marking content, incomplete. GZTECH uses a high-speed electronic control solution to reduce signal communication time, improve data processing speed, make the system respond faster, and ensure the integrity of the logo content.

Optical Fiber GMF Series Identification Application

Ultraviolet Series Identification Application

In the new products exhibition area, the GZTECH booth attracted a large number of participants. The staff enthusiastically introduced the flight marking special products fiber GMF and solid ultraviolet laser to the consultation participants in detail, through the professional vivid detailed explanation and on-site sample display, so that visitors can intuitively experience the excellent performance of these two products in the actual production environment.

This exchange will deepen the interaction between GZTECH and potential customers, the company by means of innovative product technology and pragmatic application practice, successfully demonstrated the enterprise's leading position in the coding industry, for the company's products in the market promotion and application laid a solid foundation, and more effectively promote the innovation and development of our country coding technology. In the future, GZTECH will continue to deeply cultivate in the field of advanced laser marking technology to bring more efficient and intelligent solutions to enterprise users.


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