GZTECH Makes Impressive Debut at SCIIF, Attracting Attention with a Range of High-End Laser Products

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On June 27th, the three-day South China International Industrial Fair(SCIIF) and the 16th Shenzhen International Laser Equipment and Optoelectronic Technology Exhibition (referred to as "LFSZ 16th Shenzhen Laser Expo") officially kicked off at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. GZTECH, a leading advanced laser source supplier for precision manufacturing, made a splendid appearance at this prestigious event, attracting widespread attention and receiving unanimous praise. Let's witness the highlights of GZTECH's first day at the exhibition!

Popularity and Enthusiasm Abound

At this year's exhibition, GZTECH showcased its flagship products, including MOPA lasers, long-awaited solid UV lasers, and the highly anticipated fiber green lasers, which shone brightly and attracted numerous visitors who came to learn more.

Dedicated to Innovation and Remarkable Achievements

The products unveiled at this event immediately drew the attention of the attendees and won the "Red Light Award" for the 6th China Laser Industry Innovation Contribution Award in the category of "Innovation Award for Fiber Lasers." The award-winning product is the 1000W high-power single-mode MOPA pulsed fiber laser, which exhibits outstanding performance in terms of high stability, reliability, and adjustability. It breaks the monopoly of international leading companies and makes significant contributions to the internationalization of high-end pulsed fiber lasers in China. Compared to imported lasers, our products achieve comparable performance at a lower cost and offer greater flexibility in electronic control. Compared to domestic lasers, our lasers demonstrate superior stability and leading technological capabilities, earning recognition from numerous customers. In comparison to Q-switched lasers, we adopt the MOPA structure, providing flexible and adjustable pulse widths, a broader frequency range, and meeting the application demands of various scenarios.

Although GZTECH is a startup that has only been established for five years, it has already gained considerable attention within the industry, enjoying immense popularity. If you happened to miss the grandeur of the first day, don't worry. Over the next two days, GZTECH will warmly welcome your visit at Booth B115 in Hall 9 of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center with full sincerity and enthusiasm!


Wuhan Guangzhi Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company positioned as an advanced laser source supplier dedicated to serving precision manufacturing. The company's main products include industrial pulsed lasers, such as infrared fiber MOPA, QCW, nanosecond fiber green, nanosecond high-power UV, and fiber picosecond lasers. These products have been widely recognized by customers and the market in applications such as lithium-ion batteries, photovoltaics, hydrogen energy, processing of hard and brittle materials, as well as surface marking and cleaning applications.

GZTECH possesses leading laser research and development capabilities in China. In addition to industrial products, the company maintains strong partnerships with renowned domestic universities and research institutes, consistently focusing on the forefront of scientific research in China and striving to enhance the country's strength in the development, manufacturing, and application of high-end lasers. We have an experienced and highly skilled technical support team and warmly welcome inquiries and exchanges from everyone!


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