Munich, Shanghai - GZTECH Has Launched Seven New Products

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On March 20, the grand opening of the Munich Shanghai Optical Fair, GZTECH with the theme of "multi-directional product matrix and technological innovation leading the future", with fiber pulse series, QCW quasi-continuous and continuous series, solid nanosecond pulse series, fiber green pulse series, ultra-fast pulse series products debuted, but also released seven new laser products at the scene. Fully demonstrate the company's deep heritage and innovation ability in the field of laser technology.

New Product Release, Technical Strength to upgrade

At this exhibition,GZTECH released seven new laser products, further enriching the product line, and demonstrating the company's deep heritage and innovation ability in the field of laser technology.

These new products include:

MOPA 2000 W GMC laser

Multi-channel synthesis scheme, single pulse energy 100mJ peak more than MW, round, square spot optional, suitable for cleaning, woolen, surface treatment and other fields.

40W solid-state nanosecond UV laser

Through optical, structural stress and thermal field simulation design, the 40W nanosecond ultraviolet laser with high beam quality and high stability is optimized, which can reduce cost and increase efficiency for cutting hard non-metallic materials such as PCB and carbon plate.

20W solid nanosecond green laser

Using the most cutting-edge optical design, to ensure that the single pulse energy is greater than 2.5mJ while increasing the pulse width, to ensure power stability, specially developed for diamond cutting.

Solid state ultrafast laser

Using self-developed mod-locked picosecond seed, the pulse width and waveform remain basically unchanged after amplification, with high stability of power RMS<1.5%, infrared, green light, ultraviolet wavelength optional, suitable for a variety of material precision marking, surface texture, photovoltaic applications and other scenarios.

Seed waveform

Amplified waveform

50W green fiber picosecond laser

The ultra-fast green light output of the first optical fiber under the light-solid hybrid platform is realized through the technology of bias preservation, mode locking, amplification and frequency doubling. It has the characteristics of super power stability, adjustable pulse width of 10~800ps, and beam quality near the diffraction limit (M2<1.1). It is suitable for perovskite marking, 3C marking, film drilling and other fields.

200W fiber nanosecond green laser

Using fiber amplification + solid frequency doubling hybrid technology route, 1~20ns pulse width can be selected, with pulse train mode, the maximum single pulse energy up to 200μJ, suitable for glass cutting, photovoltaic applications, copper foil cutting, special marking and other scenarios.

Multi-series products, all-round solutions

GZTECH always adheres to customer demand-oriented, and constantly improves and optimizes product lines. At present, the company's product line has covered many fields from the fiber MOPA series to the ultra-fast pulse series, and can provide customers with a full range of solutions. Whether it is for enterprises requiring high-precision laser processing, or for scientific research institutions pursuing high efficiency, light technology can provide the most suitable laser products and technical support.

The peak value GT series excizer on display, the optical fiber MOPA120~200W, the peak power is higher than 200KW, suitable for glass/smart mirror paint removal, frosting, drilling, marking integration applications, to meet the modern manufacturing industry for high quality, high efficiency and low loss production needs.

On the first day of the exhibition, the GZTECH booth attracted a large number of domestic and foreign visitors to visit and consult. With professional quality and enthusiastic service, the company team welcomes every visitor and provides them with detailed product introductions and solutions. During the Munich Exhibition, GZTECH will continue to showcase more cutting-edge technologies and solutions, and interact with industry colleagues from all over the world to jointly promote the innovation and development of laser technology.

GZTECH invites all visitors to visit the booth (W2 Hall 2628) to witness and experience this feast of laser technology!


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