Resilient Growth Across Cycles | Guangzhi Technology's 2024 Cross Year Annual Conference Successfully Ends!

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On December 29, 2023, during the wonderful speeches of General Manager Huang Zhihua, Vice President of Research and Development Li Chao, and Vice President of Marketing Zhu Xing, Guangzhi Technology's 2024 New Year's Conference kicked off with the theme of "Crossing the Cycle, Resilient Growth". The inspiring speeches of the leaders will inspire us to steadfastly implement the overall plan of the company, and strive tirelessly to help the company become an advanced light source supplier for precision manufacturing services. At the same time, we will maintain the perseverance of "sticking to the green mountains without relaxing" and achieve resilient growth in the constantly changing external environment.

Speech by General Manager Huang Zhihua

Speech by Li Chao, Vice President of R&D

Speech by Zhu Xing, Vice President of Marketing

Exciting performance, shining brightly

The performance of the annual conference brought us an unparalleled audio-visual feast. The meticulously choreographed dances, music, and performances by employees from Light to Technology showcase their rich talents and infinite creativity. They lit up the stage of the annual meeting with enthusiasm and unique expressions, showcasing the cohesion and vitality of the team of all employees of Guangzhi Technology. What surprised and surprised us was that the three founders and our directors, as well as our investors, also improvised and brought a very exciting chorus of five hundred "sudden selves".

Excellent performance by employees

Shareholder chorus

Award ceremony, recognizing excellence

The award ceremony at the annual meeting recognizes outstanding employees who have performed well in the past year. Their struggles and achievements represent individual efforts, team cohesion, and outstanding performance. This moment witnesses their efforts and achievements, while also inspiring all employees to never stop and pursue excellence.

On site of the award ceremony

Live lottery, lucky arrival

In the lottery section of the annual meeting, lucky employees will have the opportunity to win generous prizes. This is the recognition and gratitude of Guangzhi Technology to its employees for their hard work, as well as the motivation and motivation to further strive. The lucky draw brings joy and surprises to the annual meeting, immersing everyone in a joyful atmosphere and sharing the joy of success together.

Live lottery

The annual meeting came to an unforgettable end amidst laughter and cheers, and we look forward to taking technology to a higher level next year.


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