The Future of Laser Technology: GLE Series Upgrade Promises Superior User Experience

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In-Depth Development for Higher Cost-Performance Ratio

With the ever-changing demands of the market, GZTECH, driven by its MOPA electro-optical technology platform, has developed the GLE series of pulse fiber lasers, offering high cost-performance ratios. These lasers cover a power range from 20W to 200W, providing a comprehensive selection of products with outstanding performance.

The GLE series lasers employ an all-fiber system with a compact structure that simplifies installation and offers clear parameters for easy adjustment. The latest upgrades include an open-frame design, compact dimensions, excellent dust resistance with a white shell for a clean and minimalist appearance, as well as a new noise-reduction fan for quieter operation. Equipped with MOPA high-speed electronic control hardware, these lasers have strong signal interference resistance and anti-static capabilities, along with high-speed switching and power adjustment response times.

The GLE series lasers feature specially shaped pulse waveforms, allowing for a frequency range from as low as 5kHz to as high as 100 kHz, and even up to 200kHz. Through process development, GLE demonstrates remarkable performance in traditional applications such as marking, cutting, and deep engraving.

Outstanding Marking Performance of GLE 50W

In this spotlight, we introduce the YFPN-50-GLE pulse fiber laser, renowned for its excellent marking performance. Utilizing special pulse modulation technology, it delivers a maximum single-pulse energy of up to 1.25mJ, a frequency range of 5-100 kHz, and a built-in red light, making it a high-value, easy-to-adjust, and stable solution. Our technicians conducted tests using the 50W GLE on stainless steel, copper, and aluminum materials.

Test Equipment:

Laser: YFPN-50-GLE-LR03071A

Equipment: Fiber Laser Marking Platform

Galvo Scanner: SCANLAB (10mm aperture)

Field Lens: F254

Software: JinChengZi 2nd Generation


Test Results:

Stainless Steel Marking

Traditional methods using Q-switched lasers involve lowering the frequency for better black marking, resulting in a slower process. Higher frequencies tend to cause yellowing and more splatter. GLE 50W, tested at a frequency of 20kHz, power of 50%, speed of 50mm/s, and a filling interval of 0.1, achieved the best black marking without yellowing. Furthermore, GLE 50W can produce both tactile and non-tactile black effects, with non-tactile settings at 100kHz frequency, 20% power, 1000mm/s speed, and 0.001 filling interval.


Aluminum Marking

At 65% power, 60kHz frequency, 200mm/s speed, and a filling of 0.01, GLE 50W effectively marks aluminum, resulting in smooth, precise, and detailed lines with a slight tactile sensation.

Brass Marking

Black marking on brass is a surface treatment technique, creating a black oxide layer on the brass surface. By irradiating the brass surface with a high-energy density laser beam, the oxide molecules on the brass surface are excited and transformed into black particles. These particles deposit on the brass surface, forming a black oxide layer. This method improves the wear and corrosion resistance of the brass surface. Using GLE 50W at 60% power, 60kHz frequency, 200mm/s speed, and 0.01 filling interval, we achieved fine, dark patterns on brass.

Overall, compared to conventional Q-switched lasers, GLE 50W offers a broader frequency adjustment range, ensuring superior black marking results on various materials with greater stability, meeting the needs for different products and materials.

GZTECH: Your Trusted Source for Cutting-Edge Laser Solutions

Wuhan GZTECH Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company with the vision of being an advanced laser source supplier for precision manufacturing. Our primary products focus on industrial pulse lasers, including infrared fiber MOPA, QCW, nanosecond fiber green lasers, high-power nanosecond UV lasers, and fiber picosecond lasers. Our products have gained wide recognition in applications ranging from lithium batteries and photovoltaics to hydrogen energy, as well as hard and brittle material processing, surface marking, and cleaning.

GZTECH possesses leading domestic research and development capabilities in laser technology. Beyond industrial products, we maintain strong collaborations with renowned domestic universities and research institutes, continually pushing the boundaries of scientific research in China. We have an experienced and highly skilled technical support team dedicated to serving your needs. Explore the possibilities, experience exceptional results, and join hands with GZTECH for a brighter future.


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