The Market Is Vast and the Customer Comes First| GZTECH's 2023 First Quarter Marketing Conference Has Come to a Successful Conclusion

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On April 1st, 2023, GZTECH held its Q1 2023 marketing conference in the Jinan office. The company's CEO Huang Zhihua, Vice President of Marketing Zhu Xing, and department heads from the marketing center participated in the conference.

2023 First Quarter Marketing Conference

During the conference, department heads reported on various aspects such as summary, planning, and outlook. CEO Huang Zhihua and Vice President of Marketing Zhu Xing provided improvement suggestions and solutions based on everyone's reports.

The quarterly marketing conference is a meeting for everyone to summarize, review, and look forward, as well as an opportunity to brainstorm and solve problems together.

2023 First Quarter Marketing Conference

With the development of the market, the company's business sectors continue to expand, and the business system will also be upgraded and optimized. GZTECH firmly guarantees service quality while developing business, and takes this marketing conference to discuss and optimize various after-sales processes, upgrade business systems, and provide customers with better products and services.

The year 2023 will still be very challenging, but undoubtedly, it will only get better.

A year begins with spring; everything starts with action. Faced with new challenges, GZTECH is full of confidence and will continue to uphold the core values of "Customer First, Quality Priority, Innovation and Professionalism, Teamwork Winning, Struggle and Contribution, Open Collaboration", comprehensively exert its advantages, form a new normal of development of fast progress in stability, good progress in quantity and quality, and grow and develop together with our customers with a sincere heart and a far-reaching road.


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