A Detailed Introduction of GLE Series Laser

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Compared with traditional marking technology, pulsed fiber laser has many advantages such as high precision, good effect, wide application, environmental protection, no consumables, fast speed, high efficiency, etc. It is an ideal choice for marking consumer electronic products and industrial products, and the field of application is becoming more and more extensive.

GZTECH YFPN-20/50W-GLE laser

GZTECH YFPN-20/50w-GLE laser adopts a cost-effective all-fiber structure. Through special pulse modulation technology, it outputs pulsed laser with high beam quality, optimizes the output waveform without fear of high reflection.Its switching light response is fast, compression structure volume with better performance. This series of lasers can be widely used in the marking, precision processing, and graphic engraving of non-metal, gold, silver, copper, aluminum with high-reflective properties, and non-high-reflective materials such as stainless steel. Compared with traditional lasers, its marking application process is cheaper and its performance is more stable. Its good compatibility has been widely recognized by the market.

Technical parameters




Maximum power



Maximum energy



Center wavelength



Pulse width



Frequency range



On/off light  response


Laser dimension


pulsed fiber laser

 pulsed fiber laser

Light-on response (45μs)

Light-off response (30μs)

Light-off response (30μs)


  • Marking (good beam quality (M2<1.3), finer marking effect)
Plastic marking

Plastic marking

Stainless steel white marking    

Pure aluminum white marking Stainless steel black marking

Pure aluminum white marking

Stainless steel black marking

  • Deep carving (optimized waveform, strong deep carving ability; good beam quality, fine deep carving shading)
Brass deep carving Stainless steel deep carving

Brass deep carving

Stainless steel deep carving

Carbon steel deep carving Pure aluminum deep carving

Carbon steel deep carving

Pure aluminum deep carving

  • Cutting (good beam quality, small kerf thermal effect, no heat deposition, smooth cutting edge without burrs)
Purple copper cutting Brass punching

Purple copper cutting

Brass punching


GZTECH is a high-tech company with the orientation of "serving advanced laser source supplier of precision manufacturing". The company's main products are industrial pulse lasers, covering infrared fiber MOPA, QCW, nanosecond fiber green laser, nanosecond high-power UV and fiber picosecond, etc. The company's related products have been widely recognized by customers and the market in lithium battery, photovoltaic, and hydrogen energy industries, hard and brittle material processing, surface marking and cleaning applications.

In order to meet the needs of various customers, our company has set up offices in Shenzhen, Suzhou, and Jinan with Wuhan headquarters as the center, and can provide customers with sampling services. Welcome all the customers to come to discuss the development of new laser technology with us!


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