Dr. Huang Zhihua, CEO of GZTECH, was awarded the Outstanding Young Entrepreneur by Optics Valley

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On February 2, 2023, the first "Optics Valley Entrepreneur Day" celebration was held at China Optics Valley Convention& Exhibition Center. The industry leaders in the Optics Valley gathered to talk about the future of Optics Valley and interpret the entrepreneurial spirit.

  Dr. Huang Zhihua, CEO of GZTECH, was awarded the honor of "Outstanding Young Entrepreneur".

It is reported that this award is recommended by the Recruitment Bureau of the Management Committee according to the financing and growth of young entrepreneurs. The award-winning entrepreneurs are all under 40 years old, however, the enterprises established meet the following conditions: large financing scale, high revenue, fast growth, etc., which is the future hope and new force for the development of Optics Valley.

Each award is the condensation of sweat, and each glory is a brand new starting point. In the future, based on Optics Valley, GZTECH will continue to uphold the mission of " Illuminate all things, sincerely and profoundly", respond to the "Optics Valley Entrepreneur Initiative", follow the national policy orientation, devote itself to the development of laser applications in emerging industries, and continue to increase product investment for research and development. And it will create incremental value for the industry, and contribute to the construction of a world-class science new town and a "World Optics Valley" with global influence.


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