Focusing on the Global Market | Guangzhi Technology Appears at the Western Optoelectronics Exhibition in the United States

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From January 30th to February 1st, 2024, the Western Optoelectronics Exhibition in the United States was grandly held at the Moscon Exhibition Center in San Francisco. The Photonics West, hosted by the International Society for Optoelectronic Engineering (SPIE) in the United States, is currently the world's largest event in the field of optoelectronics.

Guangzhi Technology actively expands its overseas markets by participating in this global event. We will take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen communication and cooperation with the international industry, enhance the influence and competitiveness of our company's products and technologies in the international market, provide high-quality optoelectronic solutions for more overseas customers, and open a new chapter for the company's global development.

At this exhibition, Guangzhou Technology showcased a series of heavyweight products, including high-power MOPA pulse lasers, solid-state nanosecond ultraviolet lasers, and fiber green lasers. These products are widely used in industrial production, including cleaning, welding, cutting, and fine marking, and their excellent performance and stability have been highly recognized by the industry.

1000W GM pulse fiber laser

200W fiber green laser

During the exhibition, Guangzhi Technology's products received high praise. Customers from various countries around the world have shown strong interest in Guangzhi Technology's laser products and actively engaged in in-depth communication and discussion with our company representatives. After professional and meticulous communication with the sales team, Guangzhi Technology's technical strength and innovative ability have been highly recognized by customers, and it is expected to establish friendly cooperation with international customers.

Guangzhi Technology has been committed to innovation and development in the field of optoelectronics, continuously expanding its international market. We believe that this exhibition will further strengthen the connection with global customers and partners, and win a broader market for our products. Guangzhi Technology gathers with you at the Western Optoelectronics Exhibition in the United States to paint the future of lasers!


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