Guangzhou Spray Code Identification Industry Exchange Conference, Together with Guangzhi, "Illuminate All Things"!

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In Mozi's Classic, there is a phrase with profound philosophical connotations: "Light comes, scenery dies.". Wherever the light shines, the shadow will disappear. This short and poetic expression, like a faint light shining through the night, showcases a profound journey of contemplation for us. Guangzhi Technology is named after this profound phrase.

So, what kind of "light" is "Guangzhi"? Taking advantage of Guangzhi Technology's upcoming participation in the March Guangzhou Spray Code Identification Industry Exchange Conference, let's explore together!

Guangzhi Technology was established on May 31, 2018 in Wuhan Optics Valley. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of advanced light sources for precision manufacturing services. Dr. Huang Zhihua, the chairman, graduated from Tsinghua University. The founding team has profound experience in theoretical design, technical development, and product engineering.

The company is based on fiber laser technology and solid-state laser technology, integrating high-speed electrical control software and thermal control structure technology, and has successively launched a series of industrial laser products such as fiber MOPA, QCW, fiber infrared picosecond and green light, and solid-state nanosecond ultraviolet. It also has the ability to develop OEM/ODM customized lasers for other special wavelength scientific research. The product is mainly used in industries such as new energy, processing of hard and brittle materials, surface marking and cleaning.

As one of the high-quality and high-performance products of optical technology, the nanosecond ultraviolet laser can maintain a working power of no less than the target power for 6000 hours; RMS<3% has high power stability, and the integrated structure can achieve minimalist installation. In addition, the product comes with an 18 month warranty and after-sales service, allowing customers to have no worries. In terms of marking, this product is mainly used for text and QR code traceability marking in skincare products, fast-moving consumer goods, daily necessities, and tobacco and alcohol industries.

Nanosecond ultraviolet laser:

(Nanosecond UV laser air-cooled 3W-5W) 

(Nanosecond UV laser water-cooled 5W-30W)

Application scenario:

(Production date flight mark)

(Bottle cap QR code flight mark)

After more than five years of development, Guangzhi Technology has applied for 58 patents and software copyrights (including subsidiaries) (of which 8 patents are under examination), authorized 35 patents, and 15 software copyrights (including subsidiaries). The company currently has over 300 employees, an annual production of over 10000 lasers, and a site area of over 10000 square meters. It has become one of the leading suppliers in the high-end industrial laser field in China.

In addition, Guangzhi Technology is driven by market application needs and strives to provide customers with high standard advanced light sources and services with a professional attitude. We are committed to cooperating with customers to provide advanced laser processing solutions for emerging industries such as 3C/5G, photovoltaics, new energy, semiconductors and displays. A preliminary layout has been formed with Wuhan headquarters as the center, expanding to South China, East China and other places. The Wuhan headquarters currently has a dust-free workshop of about 6000 square meters, which can meet the mass production and delivery of advanced light sources in large quantities. At the same time, there are offices and process rooms in Wuhan, Shenzhen, Suzhou, and Jinan, providing customers with process development services and after-sales technical support. And establish a foreign trade department responsible for overseas business.

Not only that, but in the future, Guangzhi Technology will continue to deeply cultivate in this field, with "illuminating all things, sincere and far-reaching" as its corporate mission, and "customer first, quality first, innovative and professional, team winning, striving and contributing, and open cooperation" as its core values, committed to becoming an "advanced light source supplier serving precision manufacturing".

When the light shines into the dark corners, the scene and illusion there are about to dissipate, leaving behind a clear and real image. However, this does not mean that darkness is worthless. Just as the darkness of the night lays the stage for the light of the day, challenges and difficulties also cultivate new vitality in the darkness.

In recent years, the inkjet marking industry has faced many challenges and difficulties, but these "darkness" have not caused the industry's development to stagnate. On the contrary, many excellent industry enterprises such as Guangzhi Technology have persevered in these challenges and difficulties, continuously deepening their cultivation in the inkjet marking field, continuously improving themselves, and launching higher quality products and services, jointly creating a thriving inkjet marking industry today.

On March 3rd, the Chinese inkjet coding website, dedicated to supporting the development of China's inkjet coding industry, will hold the 11th China inkjet coding industry dealer exchange conference at the Guangzhou Hotel. The aim is to provide a platform for companies in the inkjet coding industry to showcase new products and technologies, while promoting communication and cooperation among industry colleagues. At that time, many enterprises will appear at the exchange meeting with high-quality new products. As the saying goes, the flame is high when everyone gathers firewood. What kind of new machine will be illuminated by the many beams of "light" gathered together? We'll wait and see!

Registration for the exchange conference audience: Scan the QR code below or follow the official account of the Chinese inkjet website (pm168net), click on "Registration for the Exchange Conference" in the industry activity, select the 11th Guangzhou Exchange Conference, click on "I want to register", and after payment, you can successfully register.

(QR code for audience registration at the exchange meeting)

Chen Wei: 17710714095 (same WeChat account)
Li Xianling: 18083607783 (same WeChat account)
Meng Qingyi: 16683809082 (same WeChat account)


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