100W-1000W MOPA Laser Source for Cleaning Machine GMC

GZTECH GMC cleaning series laser sources have built-in isolators and small QCS output, which greatly reduces the volume and weight of the cleaning head, while maintaining the excellent anti-high-reflection performance of the laser, and has outstanding advantages in laser rust removal, paint removal, and other cleaning applications.

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GZTECH GMC series pulse width tunable pulse fiber laser source is a series of high-efficiency, high-reliability, and high-performance pulsed fiber laser sources developed by GZTECH, with a wavelength range of 1060-1080 nm, which can meet the impurity treatment of most metal surfaces, such as corrosion, Paint, coating, scale, etc.


a.GZTECH GMC series MOPA laser source adopt the direct electric modulation semiconductor laser as the seed source (MOPA) scheme of the fiber laser, which has high-quality laser characteristics and good pulse shape control ability.

b.Small size, light weight, saving installation space, easy to operate, can be directly integrated into user equipment, efficient heat dissipation, more effective protection of the laser, ready to use after power on; built-in red light, accurate indication


Optical characteristics
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
1 Center wavelength 1060-1080 nm
2 Spectral width(FWHM) < 20 nm
3 Maximum pulse energy 2.0 mJ
4 Output Power 100 W
5 Power adjustment range 0-100 %
6 Frequency adjustment range 1-3000 kHz
7 On/off light response time < 20 μs
8 Pulse Width 10-500 ns
9 Output power stability < 5 %
10 Beam quality M² < 2 /
11 Polarization direction Random /
12 Resist high reaction Yes /
13 Indication (red) optical power 0.3-2 mW
14 Collimated Beam diameter (4σ) 5±1 mm
15 Delivery cable length 5 m
Electrical characteristics
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
16 Supply voltage 48 V
17 Working current < 10 A
18 Power consumption <480 W
19 Recommended power supply ≥600 W
Environmental requirements
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
20 Working temperature 0-40
21 storage temperature -10-60
22 Cooling Method Air cooling /
Structural characteristics
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
23 Laser dimension 320*272*92 mm³
24 QCS size
25 Net weight <17 kg



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