20W-200W MOPA Laser Source for Glass Cutting Machine GT

GZTECH GT series MOPA Laser Source adopts the MOPA scheme of main oscillation power amplification, focusing on optimizing the pulse peak power and beam quality, and can maintain high beam quality under high-power working conditions, and its maximum peak power can be more than 150kW. GT MOPA Laser Source has the characteristics of small pulse width, high peak value and high power. It supports independent adjustment of pulse width and pulse frequency. It is suitable for glass drilling, mirror frosting and other materials that have high requirements for peak power and brightness. It is especially suitable for precision machining, thermal small influence and small focus spot.

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a.The picosecond-level high-peak laser solves the problems of slow speed, burst points and low yield of traditional models. Pulse width as low as 200ps, peak power as high as 150kW

b.It has very good performance in glass light transmission and paint removal, efficient marking of highly reflective materials (gold, silver), removal of dense oxide layers, and precision drilling of thin metal sheets.


Optical characteristics
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
1 Center wavelength
2 Spectral width(FWHM) < 20 nm
3 Maximum pulse energy 1.0 mJ
4 Output Power 20 W
5 Power adjustment range 0-100 %
6 Frequency adjustment range 1-3000 kHz
7 On/off light response time < 50 μs
8 Pulse Width 0.2-500 ns
9 Output power stability < 5 %
10 Beam quality M² < 1.5 /
11 Polarization direction Random /
12 Resist high reaction Yes /
13 Indication (red) optical power 0.3-2 mW
14 Collimated Beam diameter (4σ)
7(10mm optional)
15 Delivery cable length 2 m
Electrical characteristics
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
16 Supply voltage 24 V
17 Working current < 5 A
18 Power consumption <120 W
19 Recommended power supply ≥150 W
Environmental requirements
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
20 Working temperature 0-40
21 Storage temperature -10-60
22 Cooling Method Air cooling /
Structural characteristics
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
23 Laser dimension
24 Output head size
25 Net weight <15 kg






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