120W Peak Value MOPA Laser Into Glass Drilling Woolen Tool

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With the pace of scientific and technological progress and the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the glass deep processing industry, as an important part of modern industry, has put forward higher requirements for precision processing, efficient production, energy saving and environmental protection. As a pioneer in the field of laser technology innovation, GZTECH has actively responded to market demand and created a new MOPA laser ---- [F-120-GT-10-N2-Pro+].


How does it become a glass drilling woolening tool? Please follow GZTECH to reveal this product:

High Performance

Break through technical barriers to achieve efficient and low-cost processing.

The peak power of fiber pulse laser is in the order of 10kW for a long time, and it is widely used in metal material marking. For glass and other hard and brittle materials are difficult to process, breaking the peak limit of nanosecond fiber pulse laser has always been the direction of fiber MOPA pulse technology.

GZTECH120W peak value GT-Pro+ laser adopts self-designed amplifier scheme and electronic control scheme, which greatly improves the peak power of single-mode pulse fiber laser, while effectively processing the nonlinear effect, expanding the output technical index and application range of nanosecond pulse laser, and making the peak power Pp>200kW. Through the unique optical design and selected devices, the beam quality output near the diffraction limit is achieved, and the anti-reflection ability is very good. These technological innovations and upgrades enable MOPA fiber pulse lasers to be widely used in the field of glass deep processing, achieving efficient and low-cost processing.

10ns waveform diagram

Strongly Stable

Full fiber structure, worry-free operation.

According to the processing characteristics of glass materials, the GZTECH R & D team has deeply optimized the optical path of the 120W peak value GT-Pro+ laser, significantly enhancing the anti-blowback ability of the laser, and effectively avoiding laser failures caused by material reflection during the processing. The internal design of the laser adopts all-fiber structure to ensure the stability and reliability of the laser transmission, and the long-term full power copying machine shows that the power stability is very high, further improving the processing quality and stability.

120w up to 90-hour power test

Widely Applicable

Integrated design, easy connection.

The 120W peak value GT-Pro+ laser adopts the integrated design, compact structure, easy and fast installation, and can be mounted on the surface, side and vertical, and can adapt to various production environments. It uses the common interface of conventional fiber pulse laser, simple integration, and can be connected to the automatic production line to achieve efficient and intelligent production. At the same time, there are no consumables and auxiliary materials in the processing process, and the operating cost is low, helping the production end to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Side loading effect

Paperback effect

Glass Processing Tool

In the field of glass deep processing, 120W peak value GT-Pro+ laser can be widely used in float glass, optical glass, glass-ceramics, conventional calcium-sodium glass, architectural glass, high borosilicate glass, mirror and other glass materials drilling, coating, peeling, marking and other applications. More product application exploration we will be detailed in the next article, please continue to pay attention!

120W GT-Pro+ ordinary glass cutting efficiency reference table

GZTECH always adheres to the development vision of "serving advanced light source supplier of precision manufacturing", pursues the industry goal of reducing cost and increasing efficiency for customers, and is committed to the development of laser applications in various emerging industries. In the future, we will continue to adhere to innovation-driven, constantly improve the performance and service level of lasers, and bring more efficient and intelligent solutions for enterprise users, welcome customers to come to consult and discuss advanced laser technology!


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