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Mopa Fiber Laser Source

MOPA fiber laser source for black marking on anodized aluminum, color marking on stainless steel, deep engraving, laser cleaning and flight marking.

MOPA Nanosecond Pulse Laser Source Series Introduction

Mopa Fiber Laser Source

· Power range: 20W-1000W

· Pulse width tunable: Has a variety of pulse width options, 0.2~500ns

· Wide frequency range: 1~4000kHz

· High peak power: The maximum can reach 150kW, very fit for highly efficient black marking

· High beam quality: M²<1.2

MOPA Nanosecond Pulse Laser Source Series Advantages

1.GZTECH GL series pulsed fiber laser source are with MOPA scheme.

2.Compared with Q-switched laser source, MOPA fiber laser source series have a few optional pulse widths, wider frequency range, higher control precision and superior first pluse.


Powerful 500W pulse laser cleaner

500W pulase laser cleaner, suitable for almost all kinds of manual cleaning job, rust removal, oil removal, oxydation removal, paint removal and so on, with 500W MOPA laser source, multiple beam mode, you can do all the laser cleaning job with ideal efficiency.

What is a MOPA Laser Source?

In the industry, MOPA laser source is a common name by convention, which refers specifically to nanosecond pulsed fiber lasers based on electrically modulated seed sources and multi-stage power amplifiers. It is mainly used in laser marking and precision cutting, welding, drilling, and other applications.  Sexual manufacturers include SPI, and domestic representative manufacturers include JPT and Guangzhi Technology.

Physically, MOPA laser source is a laser configuration relative to the single oscillator configuration. It is called Main Oscillator and Power Amplifier in English. It is not a specific laser source type.


Basic Principles of MOPA Laser Source

MOPA laser source: The seed signal light and the pump light are coupled into the double-clad fiber for amplification to achieve high-power amplification of the seed source, thereby obtaining the required high-energy pulsed laser light.


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