Mopa Fiber Laser Source

MOPA fiber laser pulsed provides highly accurate and high-energy laser output in applications such as black marking on anodized aluminum, color marking on stainless steel, deep engraving, laser cleaning and fly marking, and is widely used in a variety of Industrial applications such as marking, engraving and cleaning on materials. These applications demonstrate the versatility and adaptability of MOPA laser sources.

MOPA Nanosecond Pulse Laser Source Series Introduction

Mopa Fiber Laser Source

· Power range: 20W-1000W

· Pulse width tunable: Has a variety of pulse width options, 0.2~500ns

· Wide frequency range: 1~4000kHz

· High peak power: The maximum can reach 150kW, very fit for highly efficient black marking

· High beam quality: M²<1.2

· warranty: 2 Years

MOPA Nanosecond Pulse Laser Source Series Advantages

  • High power output: The efficient pulsed fiber laser source can provide high power laser output, which is very important for applications requiring large energy density, such as laser cutting, deep engraving and welding.
  • Pulse Adjustability: The MOPA system allows the user to adjust pulse width and frequency to obtain precise pulse parameters. This adjustability makes it suitable for a variety of applications, including materials processing, laser marking and fine machining.
  • Burst energy: MOPA laser source has the ability to output high energy instantaneously, which is very helpful for rapid material processing and efficient energy transfer to the workpiece surface.
  • High-quality beam: MOPA systems typically produce high-quality Gaussian beams, which means the laser beam is very focused and suitable for precise machining and marking.
  • Stability and Reliability: MOPA laser sources typically have highly stable output, which is required in production and industrial applications. They are often able to maintain consistent performance over long runs.
  • Long life: The construction of nanosecond pulsed laser sources is typically designed to be very durable and can withstand significant stresses in industrial environments without being easily damaged.
  • Multi-wavelength selection: Some pulse fiber laser systems can be used for multi-wavelength laser output, which provides great flexibility in different application fields.
  • Application Diversity: MOPA nanosecond pulse laser sources are suitable for a variety of applications, including laser cutting, laser marking, material processing, biomedicine, communications, and scientific research.

Powerful 500W pulse laser cleaner

500W pulase laser cleaner, suitable for almost all kinds of manual cleaning job, rust removal, oil removal, oxydation removal, paint removal and so on, with 500W MOPA laser source, multiple beam mode, you can do all the laser cleaning job with ideal efficiency.

What is a MOPA Laser Source?

MOPA pulsed fiber laser is an optical system designed to produce high-energy, high-power and high-quality pulsed laser light. Its name reflects its structure consisting of two main parts: the main oscillator and the power amplifier.

The main components include:

Main Oscillator: The main oscillator is the starting point of the MOPA system. It is responsible for generating the initial laser signal, usually a low-power, high-quality pulsed laser. This laser usually has a stable wavelength and frequency.

Power Amplifier: The output of the main oscillator is fed into the power amplifier. The task of the power amplifier is to amplify the low-power main oscillator output to high power, usually through processes such as stimulated emission, to obtain high-energy laser pulses.

Basic Principles of MOPA Laser Source

The basic principle of the MOPA laser source involves coupling seed signal light and high-power pump light into a double-clad fiber, achieving high-power amplification of the seed signal light through a stimulated emission process, thereby generating the required high-energy pulse laser. This technology allows for precise control and high-power laser output in industrial and scientific applications.

The key feature of the MOPA laser source is the separation of the main oscillator and power amplifier, which allows more flexible control of the laser's output characteristics, such as pulse width, frequency and power. This configuration enables MOPA laser sources to excel in a variety of applications and is particularly suitable for laser applications requiring high power and fine control.


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