Development Trend of Laser Technology From the Light Fair

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In recent years, the development trend of the laser industry highlights three super characteristics: ultra-short pulse width, ultra-large power, ultra-high peak power. In these three super trends, GZTECH integrates the concept of "Superstable", thus forming its core competitiveness, standing out in the fierce market competition, and forming a unique differentiation advantage.

At the Munich Shanghai Light Fair, GZTECH made a stunning debut with a full range of products and seven new laser products, fully demonstrating its deep heritage and innovation ability in the field of laser technology. During the exhibition, Weike · Laser had the honor to communicate with Mr. Zhu Xing, Vice president of marketing of GZTECH, to explore the recent technical achievements of GZTECH and the grand strategic blueprint of the future.

1. Seven New Products, Solid Advanced Light Source Positioning

Founded in 2018, GZTECH has been around for nearly six years. Since its establishment, GZTECH has always adhered to the two cornerstones of "Precision Manufacturing" and "Advanced Light Source", and has unswervingly fulfilled its duty positioning in the field of light source. They constantly improve the product system, actively expand the business field, and optimize the organizational structure to achieve self-evolution, and always maintain the development trend of keeping pace with The Times.

"At present, GZTECH's product system has basically covered the processing field of the mainstream market." At the beginning of GZTECH, MOPA pulse laser was used as a foothold to build the basis of the product line. After years of precipitation, it now has a complete product sequence of 20W to 2000W, demonstrating its deep technical heritage.

In recent years, GZTECH has forged ahead and continuously expanded its product territory. The nanosecond infrared, green light and ultraviolet product lines have gradually become complete, especially the high-power Solid UV Laser Source, which has formed a systematic series and achieved large-scale sales in the market, winning wide praise. In addition, GZTECH continues to deepen its efforts in high-end products such as nanosecond short pulse fiber green light and nanosecond long pulse green light, and strives to lead the industry trend with a more comprehensive product layout.

At the exhibition site, Mr. Zhu also introduced to us that the seven new Laser products brought this time are mainly divided into three categories, which are MOPA 2000 W GMC laser of fiber laser series, 50W fiber ultrafast laser, 200WFiber Green Laser, 50W fiber picosecond green laser; 40WSolid UV Laser Source, 20W solid nanosecond green laser; Solid Ultrafast Laser series of 10-30W Solid Ultrafast Infrared, Green Light, UV Picosecond Laser.

Laser cleaning is an important occasion for the application of high-power pulse laser, which has a large-scale application prospect in rail transit, precision mold, Marine and automobile industries. Previously, GZTECH developed GMC products in the 100W to 1000W power range, and now reaches a new peak with the introduction of the MOPA 2000 W GMC laser. It adopts a multi-channel synthesis scheme to greatly improve the stability of the laser output, and the single pulse energy reaches 100mJ, and the peak value exceeds MW. In addition, to meet the needs of different application scenarios, the MOPA 2000 W GMC laser also offers optional configurations of round and square spots, giving users a more flexible and diversified solution.

MOPA 2000 W GMC laser

In the new series of fiber lasers, there are two other products that are equally noteworthy. The 50W fiber picosecond green laser is mainly targeted at perovskine marking, 3C marking, film punching and other processing fields. It realizes the ultra-fast green output of the first fiber under the light-solid hybrid platform through bias preserving, mode-locking, amplification and frequency doubling technologies. It has the characteristics of super power stability, adjustable pulse width of 10~800ps, and beam quality near the diffraction limit (M2<1.1). The 200W Fiber Green Laser is mainly aimed at glass drilling, photovoltaic applications, copper foil cutting, special marking and other scenarios. It adopts a hybrid technology route of fiber amplification and solid frequency doubling. It has the characteristics of adjustable pulse width from 1 to 20ns, pulse train mode, and maximum single pulse energy up to 200μJ.

200W Fiber Green Laser/50W fiber picosecond green laser

As early as 2022, GZTECH has initially completed the product layout of nanosecond pulse lasers in infrared, green and ultraviolet bands. In the ultraviolet product part, it also launched 40W high-power Solid UV Laser Source, which through optical, structural stress, thermal field simulation design, to achieve high beam quality, high stability output, for PCB, carbon board and other hard non-metallic materials cutting cost and efficiency.

Solid nanosecond pulse series

In the part of solid-state ultrafast laser, GZTECH's newly launched 10-30W solid-state ultrafast infrared, green light and ultraviolet picosecond laser adopts self-developed mode-locked picosecond seed. After amplification, the pulse width and waveform remain basically unchanged, with high stability of power RMS<1.5%, and infrared, green light and ultraviolet wavelengths are optional. Suitable for a variety of materials precision marking, surface texture, photovoltaic applications and other scenarios.

At present, GZTECH product shipments are continuing to increase." Mr. Zhu said, "In the future, we will continue to deepen the three platform technologies of pure fiber, pure solid and fiber solid mixture, and create nano, picosecond and femtosecond infrared, green, ultraviolet and deep ultraviolet and other types of high-end pulse lasers." GZTECH is determined to become the shining pearl of China's laser industry in the next five to ten years, leading the Chinese laser industry to stand at the top of the world, comparable to international giants IPG, Coherent, TRUMPF.

2. Superstable Beyond the "Three Superpowers"

The competition in the laser market has always been filled with smoke, and in recent years, the price war has intensified, and homogenized products have emerged in an endless stream, and the negative impact on the development of the industry has become increasingly prominent. However, the companies that can stand up in this fierce competition have unique development secrets. So, what is the core concept of GZTECH's development in the field of lasers? Mr. Zhu gave the answer with the word "Superstable."

In the "Three Super" direction mentioned above, GZTECH has integrated the more profound concept of "Superstable". The so-called "Superstable" means long-term power stability, long-term beam quality stability, and long-term power jitter stability. In the field of high-end precision manufacturing, these Superstable factors often become the decisive factor for customers to choose imported lasers or domestic lasers.

GZTECH knows that Superstability is its core competitiveness in the market competition. The current technical route of the laser industry is no longer a problem, the key is how to achieve the stable application of technology. The core gap between domestic lasers and imported lasers is also here. GZTECH will continue to improve the stability of technology, strive to narrow the gap with imported lasers, and contribute to the rise of domestic lasers.

For the future market areas, Mr. Zhu made it clear: "At this stage and even in the next ten years, GZTECH will continue to focus on the new energy market represented by lithium, photovoltaic and hydrogen fuel, and actively expand the industrial market such as laser cleaning and hard and brittle materials processing."

Energy consumption is an important index to measure the developed degree of industrial civilization, and it is also the basic power source for the stable operation of social economy. The replacement of new energy for traditional energy is an irreversible long-term change, the vigorous development of the new energy industry will continue to give birth to new materials, new technologies and new products, these areas of material processing, technology upgrades and product manufacturing, the laser this high-precision, automated productivity tools will produce more urgent and huge demand.

At present, GZTECH has achieved proud achievements in the three major fields of power batteries, photovoltaics and brittle and hard materials. Especially in the field of power batteries, its 200-300W MOPA series products have been used in batches since three years ago in the liquid injection hole cleaning process, and the subsequent 500W, 750W, 1000W series products have also been successfully introduced in key processes such as high-speed pole cutting, large cylinder welding, and battery coating. In the field of brittle and hard materials, GZTECH's peak value fiber lasers shine in the glass drilling and Indian diamond cutting markets, achieving brilliant sales of hundreds and thousands of units, respectively. In 2023, GZTECH exceeded expectations and achieved invoicing sales of 200 million.

3. Pursue Long-Term Doctrine to Help the Industry Open a New Chapter

The term "inner volume" has been hotly debated in the laser industry in recent years, but the author thinks that using this term to describe the development trend of the industry is slightly biased. Internal volume is usually used to describe the excessive competition in a certain field, resulting in mutual friction between participants and internal consumption. However, the evolution of the laser industry is more reflected in the continuous innovation of technology, the deepening of the product system and the continuous evolution of the organizational system, rather than just limited to internal competition and consumption.

In recent years, the laser industry has made remarkable development achievements, especially in the broadening of the application field of laser technology and the improvement of laser performance. With the rapid development of laser technology, its application in industrial manufacturing, medical health, communication and transmission is more and more extensive, and the market demand is also growing. At the same time, the performance of the laser is also steadily improving, including the enhancement of power, the optimization of beam quality, and the improvement of stability, which makes the application of laser technology more efficient, accurate, reliable and stable.

It is true that the laser industry is also facing certain competition and challenges, but in general, its development trend is more manifested as technological innovation and market expansion, rather than simple internal volume. Therefore, we should take a more comprehensive and objective perspective to examine the development of the laser industry, and look forward to its more brilliant achievements in the future.

Mr. Zhu strongly agrees with this: GZTECH adheres to long-term philosophy, closely combines the actual market demand, constantly increases investment in research and development, accurately captures the pain points of industry development, and achieves the perfect integration of market demand and research and development innovation. It is this organic combination of strategic layout that enables GZTECH, as a new force in the industry, to quickly emerge in recent years and achieve a brilliant chapter of its rapid rise.

Talking about the future development blueprint of GZTECH, Zhu used three "Grasp" : grasp the product, grasp the industry, and grasp the team. "Looking forward to 2024, GZTECH will carry out a far-reaching strategic layout from three directions. First of all, grasp the product, we are committed to High-Power MOPA, QCW, High-Power UV, Fiber Green Laser and other multi-category comprehensive layout, distinguish the primary and secondary, to ensure that the product performance reaches the top of the industry; Secondly, grasp the industry, we will continue to deepen the core needs of photovoltaic, lithium, brittle and hard materials, mobile phone structural parts, PCB and other pan-3C industries, grasp key project orders, to ensure market leadership; Finally, catch the team, we are committed to creating a learning, Wolf spirit of the team, after having the battlefield and weapons, but also to create a dare to fight, can fight, will win the Wolf marketing team, to ensure that the attack is invincible, invincible, in every battlefield, by winning a pen order, lead the whole team from victory to victory, and create brilliance."



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