A Basic Guide to GZTECH GT Series for Efficient Glass Hole Cutting

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Glass is widely used in industries such as construction, automobiles, photovoltaic energy and containers, and has the characteristics of transparency and high strength. In actual use, glass hole cutting is unavoidable.

glass hole cutting

What is glass hole cutting?

At present, most of the glass drilling methods are mechanical drilling. The glass drill bit needs to be replaced regularly, and the post-maintenance cost is high. The drilling process also requires water cooling drill and recovery cooling water device, and the processing quality and accuracy are also difficult to guarantee.

With the development of laser technology, glass hole laser cutting came into being. The laser with high peak power and high energy density can instantly vaporize the glass, and then cooperate with the motion control to cut the required hole at the specified position. Glass hole laser cutting has the advantages of small taper, high precision, small edge chipping, no consumables, and maintenance-free, and is easy to integrate and suitable for automated production.

glass hole cutting

GZTECH GT series glass hole cutting laser

GZTECH is a laser company aimed to become an advanced laser source supplier for precision manufacturing. It has a full range of 20W-1000W adjustable pulsed MOPA lasers and various high-performance new customized products. After research and development, GZTECH has newly launched GT series lasers with high beam quality and high peak power adjustable pulse width for glass hole cutting, which is of high efficiency and good effect.

We use the YFPN-200-GT80 laser to cut round holes, square holes, waist-shaped holes, and special-shaped holes on ordinary household glass, photovoltaic glass, single-sided frosted glass, and glass containers. The results show that YFPN-200-GT80 can be used for cutting holes of various glass materials, with flexible shapes, clean inner wall of the hole, basically no dust residue, low glass damage, chipping as low as 300μm, and high efficiency.

Glass hole laser cutting effect


Glass hole laser cutting effect

Glass hole laser cutting effect

Glass hole laser cutting effect

Laser continuous hole-cutting stability test

Laser continuous hole-cutting stability test

From the above test photos, it can be seen that GZTECH GT series high peak value laser can achieve hole cutting of different thicknesses of ordinary glass and round and square of photovoltaic glass, with flat hole wall, small chipping, and almost no taper. And multi-hole continuous cutting can be stable and free to fall.

By testing the cutting time of ordinary glass with different thicknesses and different apertures, it is all completed within 10 seconds, which is higher than the efficiency of mechanical drilling. In addition, we also tested cutting the same aperture, the higher the power, the faster the efficiency. The efficiency of 200W is 2.5 times that of 80W, and the effect is basically the same.

Cutting time of 200W ordinary glass with different thickness

Cutting time of 200W ordinary glass with different thickness

Cutting time of 200W ordinary glass with different thickness

GZTECH GT series can be used for glass cutting with high efficiency and high quality, which mainly depends on the high performance of GT series lasers, and its main parameters are as follows.

GZTECH laser source






Average power W

80 / 120 / 200

Peak power kW


pulse width ns


Repeat frequency kHz


Power instability %



GZTEH is an advanced laser source supplier for precision manufacturing. The company's products include adjustable nanosecond MOPA pulse series, optical fiber ultrafast ps&fs series and various customized laser sources for scientific research. Products are widely used in emerging 3C/5G, power batteries, photovoltaic and semiconductor chips, glass cutting and other precision manufacturing fields. Welcome to consult and cooperate with us!


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