GZTECH Nominated for Vico Cup OFweek 2023 Best Fiber Laser Innovation Award

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GZTECH, a leading technology company, proudly announces its participation in the prestigious Vico CupOFweek 2023 Laser Industry Annual Awards, organized by the renowned high-tech portal OFweek. This event aims to recognize outstanding products, technologies, enterprises, and individuals that have made remarkable contributions to the laser industry. GZTECH's cutting-edge high-power fiber green laser source has been nominated for the coveted Best Fiber Laser Technology Innovation Award.


GZTECH Introduction

GZTECH specializes in the research, development, production, and maintenance of high-power pulsed and continuous fiber lasers, high-power semiconductor lasers, solid-state lasers, optoelectronic products, optical detection equipment, laser processing equipment, measurement devices, wireless devices, and automation equipment. The company also provides technical consultation, wholesale, and retail services for laser control software and engages in road freight transportation, goods import and export, and technology import and export.

Nominated Category:

Vico CupOFweek 2023 Best Fiber Laser Technology Innovation Award

Nominated Product:

High-Power Fiber Green Laser Source

High-Power Fiber Green Laser Source

Year of Product Launch/Development Background:

Early 2023

Product Overview:

GZTECH's high-power fiber green laser source utilizes fiber fundamental frequency amplification with an external cavity second harmonic generation (SHG) technology route, offering a maximum power output of up to 200W. It boasts high average power, adjustable first pulses, and other technical advantages. The optimized single-mode amplification technology enables high-beam quality green laser output. Through the MOPA optical scheme, it can achieve adjustable pulse counts, adjustable frequencies, and other features; the long pulse version can achieve higher pulse energy output.

Key Design Applications and Innovations:

Broad Industrial Applications: The nanosecond green laser finds extensive use in industrial processing, such as scribing, grooving, and SE doping in the photovoltaic field. While existing market-leading products primarily employ solid-state solutions, GZTECH's combination of fiber fundamental frequency amplification and solid-state external cavity SHG technology is a pioneering domestic initiative. This innovative design offers selectable pulse widths and adjustable repetition frequencies, significantly enhancing product lifespan and long-term stability.

Superior Parameters: The optimized fiber amplification structure positions the laser's beam quality, peak power, and single-pulse energy parameters at the forefront of the international industry.

Reasons for Nomination:

GZTECH's high-power fiber green laser source represents the first domestic fusion of solid-state and fiber technology applied in industrial processing. The product matches its foreign counterparts and amalgamates various patents, reaching the highest international standards while achieving a pioneering domestic milestone. With exceptional performance and long-term stability, this laser quickly secured a prominent place in the market, receiving widespread acclaim from satisfied customers. The relentless efforts of GZTECH's R&D team have led to the successful achievement of a 200W high-power fiber green laser output.


As GZTECH strives for the Vico Cup OFweek 2023 Best Fiber Laser Technology Innovation Award, it continues to revolutionize the laser industry with its groundbreaking products and unwavering commitment to innovation. Currently, the event is in the hot voting stage from August 4th to August 10th. The event will finalize in a grand award ceremony at the Shenzhen Futian Convention Center (Hall 8) on August 30th, celebrating and encouraging technological advancement and the flourishing growth of the laser industry. Stay tuned for the exciting results!


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