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UV And Green Laser Source

Marking and engraving on all plastics, marking on all glass, with ultra-high cost performance, can meet 7*24 hours manufacturing; stronger performance, more adaptable to complex and harsh environments. Laser power 5-30W


UV And Green Laser Source

· High power: From 5W to 30W

· Superior beam quality: M²<1.2

· Perfect laser spot quality: Beam circularity >90%

UV And Green Laser Source Series Advantages

1.Shorter pulse width, better processing result

2.Higher power for widely application

3.Compact design and easily integration

UV laser marking on plastic

Based on the end-pumped Q-switched nanosecond intracavity frequency doubling laser,
UV laser can realize green and ultraviolet laser output, and is suitable for marking,
cutting and drilling applications of glass, plastic, silicon wafer, PCB, ceramics and other materials.

UV And Green Laser Source Series Products


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