GZTECH Shines at Mexico International Metalworking Exhibition

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GZTECH made its debut at the Mexico International Metalworking Exhibition from May 7th to May 9th, 2024, in Monterrey, Mexico. As one of Mexico's largest and most influential professional exhibitions, the event attracted over 500 renowned global brands, showcasing a wide range of products in metalworking, welding, and metal surface treatment.

As a leading supplier of advanced light sources dedicated to precision manufacturing, GZTECH actively participated in the exhibition, showcasing its technological innovations and product advantages in the field of lasers to the world. Simultaneously, the company continued to expand its international markets, including Mexico, Canada, and the United States, by engaging in in-depth exchanges with domestic and foreign counterparts, seeking cooperation, and enhancing its competitiveness in the global precision manufacturing industry.

During the exhibition, technical personnel from the company provided detailed introductions to its products. To meet various application scenarios and precision manufacturing requirements, GZTECH offers a range of fiber pulse laser products with different power levels ranging from 20 to 2000W, including several series such as GMZ, GME, GLE, GT, and GMC. Among them, the GMC series, designed for cleaning purposes, offers single-mode and multi-mode options to meet the cleaning requirements of different substrates. The single-mode series features high beam quality, stable QCS output, strong cleaning capabilities, handheld operation, and flexibility, while the multi-mode series offers a flat-top beam, high output energy, high power, minimal substrate damage, and even no damage. The cost-effective GLE series, with a frequency range of 5 to 200kHz, boasts superior performance compared to conventional Q-switched lasers, delivering excellent performance in traditional applications such as marking, cutting, and deep engraving.

The peak power GT series, with peak powers exceeding 200kW, effortlessly achieves efficient and cost-effective processing of glass, suitable for applications such as drilling, fuzzing, and paint removal. The QCW Laser Series, developed to replace traditional YAG lasers, offers single-pulse energies ranging from 15 to 60J and is commonly used in applications such as spot welding, precision cutting, and perforation.

The exhibition attracted a large number of international friends and overseas customers, who came to visit and inquire about the company's products, showing keen interest in the technical features, application fields, and market prospects of the products. Team members actively engaged with customers, patiently answered their questions, and conducted enthusiastic discussions.

GZTECH is committed to exploring the diversified applications of laser technology in the field of metal processing, providing customers with efficient and precise processing solutions, and improving production efficiency and product quality. The company will continue to uphold the vision of being an advanced light source supplier for precision manufacturing, meeting customer needs with high-quality products and services, and providing strong support to the global metalworking industry.

In the wave of global economic integration, GZTECH will continue to expand its international perspective, actively participate in international exhibitions, join hands with global partners, explore the infinite possibilities of laser technology, and work together to create a brilliant future for the laser industry!


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