Quasi-CW Laser Series Source Introduction

Quasi-CW Laser Source

· Peak power: 1500W, very fit for precision laser welding and laser cutting

· High beam quality: M²<1.2


Quasi-CW Laser Source Series Products

Quasi-CW Laser Source Series Advantages

1. High power output: Quasi-continuous laser sources are capable of providing high-power laser output, which makes them suitable for applications requiring high energy density, such as laser cutting, laser welding and material processing.

2. Pulse tunability: Pulse adjustability: These quasi continuous wave lasers usually have adjustable pulse width and repetition frequency, allowing users to make fine adjustments according to specific needs.

3. Efficient processing: The pulsed laser generated by the quasi-continuous laser light source can achieve efficient energy transfer to the workpiece, thereby accelerating the processing process and improving production efficiency.

4. Small thermal impact: Due to the relatively long pulse width, quasi-continuous laser light sources usually produce less thermal impact during processing, which is very useful for applications that require high precision and low thermal deformation.

5. Material compatibility: The quasi-continuous laser light source is suitable for a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics and semiconductors, giving it broad material compatibility in various industrial applications.

6. Long life: These laser sources usually have a long life and can withstand important stress in industrial environments without being easily damaged.

7. Precision control: Quasi-continuous laser light sources usually have highly precise control capabilities, allowing fine-tuning of laser parameters such as energy, pulse frequency and focus.

8. Multi-field applications: Quasi-continuous laser light sources are widely used in many fields, including laser medical treatment, material processing, communications, scientific research, and national defense.

1mm thickness stainless steel cutting by QCW laser source

GZTECH 150W air-cooled QCW products, peak 1500W, single-mode and multi-mode optional,

suitable for laser cutting, laser welding, 3D printing, precision scribing, drilling, and other applications of ceramic and metal materials,

and can also be used for the precision welding of metal materials, especially in the 3C industry.


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