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Quasi-CW Laser Series Source Introduction

Quasi-CW Laser Source

· Peak power: 1500W, very fit for precision laser welding and laser cutting

· High beam quality: M²<1.2


Quasi-CW Laser Source Series Advantages

1.Customizable, users can choose fibers with different core diameters and customize arbitrary waveforms to meet differentiated processing needs

2.Diverse compatibility, high pulse power, stable energy, and high peak power

3.Wide range of applications.Can meet 3C fine welding and metal/non-metal fine cutting at the same time

1mm thickness stainless steel cutting by QCW laser source

GZTECH 150W air-cooled QCW products, peak 1500W, single-mode and multi-mode optional,
suitable for laser cutting, laser welding, 3D printing and precision scribing, drilling and other applications of ceramic and metal materials,
and can also be used for precision welding of metal materials, especially in the 3C industry .

Quasi-CW Laser Source Series Products


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