GZTECH Showcases at Optics & Laser Exhibition in Frankfurt

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From May 14 to 16, 2024, the high-profile Optoelectronics and Laser Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, was held at the Frankfurt Convention and Exhibition Center. As the leading international exhibition in the field of optics, optoelectronics and laser technology, the exhibition is held every two years. Showcase the latest achievements in fields ranging from optics to industrial applications, optoelectronics, fiber technology, laser components, and manufacturing systems.

GZTECH actively participated in the conference, aiming to further expand the global market, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with international counterparts, enhance the competitiveness and influence of the company's products and technologies in the international market, and provide better photoelectric solutions for global customers. At the same time, we build closer cooperation with industry experts and customers from Europe and around the world to discuss and present future trends and innovations in the industry.

At this exhibition, GZTECH exhibited a number of lasers including S-5-355-SE, 120W GT all-in-one machine (F-120-GT-10-N2-Pro+) and YFPN-300-GMC-S. S-5-355-SE water-cooled UV mini, small size (263mm*120mm*74.5mm), easy to integrate, mainly used in non-metal marking. 120W peak value GT with high efficiency and low cost processing advantages, widely used in glass processing drilling, woolening, paint removal and other applications. Yfpn-300-gcc-s small volume cleaning special model, 5 meters QCS output, Gaussian beam M²<1.8, mainly used in laser cleaning, paint removal, rust removal, hand-held marking, etc.




The atmosphere of the exhibition site is warm and the crowd is surging. The products on display cover many fields such as optical accessories, precision structural parts equipment and optical equipment testing. The center area of the exhibition hall is a German equipment manufacturer of metal precision structure processing, and the two end areas are a Chinese optical and device supplier.

GZTECH's booth attracted a large number of visitors. The company team always welcomes every visitor with a professional and enthusiastic attitude, and actively responds to the various needs of visitors with solid professional knowledge and meticulous service. These positive interactions not only deepen the customer's understanding of the product, but also bring new business opportunities for the company and accumulate a large number of potential customers and partners.

Looking to the future, GZTECH will continue to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation to promote the development of the laser industry. We are committed to providing global customers with more advanced and efficient optoelectronic solutions, and join hands with global partners to explore the infinite possibilities of optoelectronic technology and create a brilliant future for the laser industry!


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