GZTECH Won the Junger Technology Innovation Award for Laser Processing Industry

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On May 15, 2024, the award ceremony of "2024 Laser Processing Industry - Jung Technology Innovation Award" hosted by Jung Industrial Media was successfully held at Holiday Inn Suzhou Huirong Plaza. GZTECH's "120W Peak Pulse Fiber Laser" has been awarded the 2024 Junger Technology Innovation Award in the "Laser Processing Systems" category for its innovative technology and superior performance.

This honor is not only a recognition of GZTECH's long-standing outstanding contributions in the field of fiber lasers, but also marks GZTECH's unique strength in technological innovation.

Award: Jung Award for Technological Innovation

Award moments

In order to give you a deeper understanding of GZTECH's 120W peak pulse fiber laser, we have specially prepared this quick question and answer to reveal the highlights of the product:

  • Q: What are the technical innovations of 120W peak pulse fiber lasers?
  • A: GZTECH's 120W peak pulsed fiber laser uses a self-designed amplifier and electrical control scheme, which significantly improves the level of single-mode fiber output pulse peak power, and successfully overcomes nonlinear problems such as spectral broadening and Raman, thus expanding the technical specifications and application range of nanosecond pulse lasers.
  • Q: What are its key performance characteristics?
  • A: Peak power (>200kW), monopulse energy (>0.8mJ), high Raman rejection ratio (>25dB), high beam quality (<1.3), anti-high reflection (>50dB). These performance indicators make it excellent in the processing tasks such as glass punching, woolening, and paint removal.
  • Q: What are its product forms?
  • A: 120W peak pulse fiber lasers offer flexible product configurations, including integrated all-in-one and independent split machine designs, to meet the diversity of different applications and operational needs.
  • Q: In the field of glass processing, what are the differences between fiber nanosecond laser technology and ultrafast laser?
  • A: Fiber laser has the characteristics of high cost performance, long life and maintenance-free operation.

Compared with the complexity and high cost of ultrafast laser cutting glass equipment, fiber nanosecond pulse laser greatly reduces the cost of glass drilling equipment, making glass laser processing equipment civilian. In addition, it also expands the application scenario to apply to various shapes and types of glass, making laser processing of glass simple, convenient and low-cost.

GZTECH will continue to deeply cultivate the field of laser technology, driven by innovation, continuously optimize laser performance, and deeply explore customer needs. At the same time, we are committed to improving the quality of service to meet the ever-growing and changing needs of the market, and contribute to the progress and development of the laser processing industry.


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