50W-300W MOPA Laser Source for Deep Engraving/Cutting Machine GL

GZTECH GL series pulsed fiber laser sources are with MOPA scheme. Compared with Q-switched laser source, MOPA series laser source have a few optional pulse widths, wider frequency range, higher control precision and superior first pluse. Cost-effectitive, has outstanding advantages in laser deep engraving, jewelry cutting applications.

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The GZTECH GL Series lasers are lightweight and easy-to-install laser systems that offer an excellent balance between performance and price. This series of lasers is known for its highly stable characteristics, with power fluctuations maintained at less than 3% for 24 consecutive hours. Additionally, the GL Series offers extensive adjustability, including pulse frequency ranging from 1 Hz to 1000 Hz, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

These lasers are particularly suitable for the following applications:

General marking: The GL series can be used for high-quality marking on a variety of materials, such as trademarks, logos, serial numbers, etc.

Deep engraving: It provides enough power and control to achieve deep engraving on metals, ceramics and other materials to create exquisite patterns and structures.

Marking on the fly: suitable for marking moving workpieces, such as product identification, quality control and traceability marking on production lines.

Galvanometer cutting: The high frequency and adjustability of the GL series make it ideal for galvanometer cutting applications, enabling high-precision cutting operations.


a. The GZTECH GL series uses direct electrically modulated semiconductor lasers as the seed source (MOPA) solution for fiber lasers. This technology choice not only gives the laser high-quality laser characteristics but also excellent pulse shape control capabilities, ensuring precise and consistent laser output in a variety of applications.

b. The GL series lasers are compact in size and light in weight, which not only saves installation space, but is also extremely convenient to operate. They can be integrated directly into user devices, reducing unnecessary complexity. In addition, the laser's built-in red light indicator system ensures accurate operation, while the efficient heat dissipation design helps protect the laser more effectively, making it ready for use immediately after powering up.


Optical characteristics
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
1 Center wavelength 1060-1080 nm
2 Spectral width(FWHM) < 15 nm
3 Maximum pulse energy 1.5 mJ
4 Output Power 100 W
5 Power adjustment range 0-100 %
6 Frequency adjustment range 1-1000 kHz
7 On/off light response time < 20 μs
8 Pulse Width 150-300 ns
9 Output power stability < 5 %
10 Beam quality M² < 1.8 /
11 Polarization direction Random /
12 Resist high reaction Yes /
13 Indication (red) optical power 0.3-2 mW
14 Collimated Beam diameter (4σ) 7±1 mm
15 Delivery cable length 3 m
Electrical characteristics
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
16 Supply voltage 48 V
17 Working current < 10 A
18 Power consumption <480 W
19 Recommended power supply ≥600 W
Environmental requirements
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
20 Working temperature 0-40
21 Storage temperature -10-60
22 Cooling Method Air cooling /
Structural characteristics
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
23 Laser dimension 360*301*114 mm³
24 Isolator size
25 Net weight <17 kg



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