QCW laser SM

GZTECH 150W air-cooled QCW products, single-mode and multi-mode optional, suitable for precision welding and cutting applications of metals/ceramics and other materials

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GZTECH QCW lasers support simultaneous operation in both continuous and high peak power pulsed modes and can handle processing tasks that previously required two different lasers, unlike conventional continuous continuous (CW) lasers, whose peak and average powers are always the same, while the peak power of the QCW laser in pulsed mode is 10 times higher than the average power. GZTECH QCW lasers can generate microsecond and millisecond pulses with high energies at repetition rates from tens of hertz to several kilohertz and achieve average and peak powers of several kilowatts.


a.GZTECH 150W air-cooled QCW products, peak 1500W, single-mode and multi-mode optional, suitable for cutting, scribing, drilling and other applications of ceramic and metal materials, and can also be used for precision welding of metal materials, especially in the 3C industry .

b. GZTECH QCW lasers have low average power, high peak value, high single pulse energy


Optical characteristics
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
1 Center wavelength
2 Spectral width@3dB < 5 nm
3 Operation Mode Pulsed / CW /
4 Max. Avg. Power CW Mode  300 W
5 Max. Avg. Power Pulsed Mode  150 W
6 Max. peak power  1500 W
7 Max. single pulse energy 15 J
8 Power Turning Range 10-100 %
9 Pulse Width 0.02-50 ms 
10 Modulation frequency 0-5 kHz
11 Duty ≤50 %
12 On/off light response time  <100 us
13 Output Power Instability <5 %
14 Beam Quality (M²) <1.2 /
15 Polarization direction  Random /
16 Indication (red) optical power 0.3-2 mW
17 Output method QBH(QCS optional) /
18 QBH divergence angle <120 mrad
19 QCS Collimated Beam diameter (4σ) 6±0.5 mm
20 Delivery cable length 5 m
21 Output fiber core diameter 14 μm 
Electrical characteristics
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
22 Analog Power Control 0-10 V
23 Laser supply voltage 220 VAC
24 Laser Operating Current <10 A
25 Laser power consumption <2200  W
Environmental requirements
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
26 Working temperature 0-40
27 Storage temperature -10-60
28 Cooling Method Air cooling /
Structural characteristics
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
29 Laser Color Red /
30 Laser dimension
31 QBH dimension Standard /
32 QCS dimension
Φ24*190 (optional)
33 Net weight <45 kg




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