Solid UV laser

Including Q-switched nanosecond pulsed laser based on single oscillator scheme and picosecond and nanosecond laser based on traveling wave amplification scheme, which can realize infrared, green to ultraviolet laser output, suitable for glass, plastic, silicon wafer, PCB, ceramic marking, cutting and deep engraving applications of other materials.

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GZTECH Solid UV Laser based on the end-pumped Q-switched nanosecond intracavity frequency-doubling laser can realize green and ultraviolet laser output, with excellent beam quality and perfect spot characteristics. The whole machine adopts an integrated structure design, and the optical path and external drive circuit are integrated. Optimize and upgrade the fully sealed structure to effectively prevent external dust from entering. Ideal for marking, cutting, and drilling applications on glass, plastic, silicon wafers, PCBs, ceramics, and more.


a.With a wide selection range of pulse widths, and can maintain a better pulse waveform

b.With high beam quality and high-power laser output 

c. Compact design and easily integration


Optical characteristics
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
1 Center wavelength 355 nm
2 Maximum pulse energy >160(@50kHz) μJ
3 Output Power >10(@50kHz) W
4 Frequency adjustment range 50-200 kHz
5 Pulse Width (13±2ns@50kHz) ns
6 Output power stability <3% RMS
7 Pulse stability <3% RMS
8 Beam quality M² <1.3 /
9 Beam pattern TEM00 /
10 Spot roundness >90 %
11 Polarization direction Level /
12 Collimated Beam Diameter(10X) 5±0.5 mm
13 Divergence angle <2 mrad
14 Pointing stability (8h) <25 urad/℃
15 Boot warm-up time >15 min
Electrical characteristics
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
16 Supply voltage 24 V
17 Working current <10 A
18 Power consumption <240 W
19 Recommended power supply ≥350 W
Environmental requirements
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
20 Ambient temperature 15-35
21 Storage temperature -10-50
22 Ambient relative humidity < 90 (no condensation) %
Water cooler requirements
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
23 Cooling capacity >580 W
24 Water flow >6 L/min
25 Water tank temperature control 25±0.1
Structural characteristics
N Characteristics Parameter value Unit
26 Laser dimension (without feet and galvanometer adapters)
27 Net weight <12 kg



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